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SEI Webcasts

Oct 16, 2019

In this webcast, as a part of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, our experts will provide an overview of the concept of cyber hygiene, which bears an analogy to the concept of hygiene in the medical profession. Like the practice of washing hands to prevent infections, cyber hygiene addresses simple sets of actions that users can take to help reduce cybersecurity risks. Matt Butkovic, Randy Trzeciak, and Matt Trevors will discuss what some of those practices are, such as implementing password security protocols and determining which other practices an organization should implement. Finally, they discuss the special case of phishing—which is a form of attack that can bypass technical safeguards and exploit people’s weaknesses—and how changes in behavior, understanding, and technology might address this issue.


What attendees will learn

• Key findings from the CERT Division of the SEI, and the CERT-RMM team, in identifying commonalities among cyber practices and aligning them to CERT-RMM practices

• The CERT Division’s 11 cyber hygiene areas, comprising 41 CERT-RMM practices that are paramount to every organization’s success

• What organizations can do to change behavior, understanding, and technology to implement good cyber hygiene